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Inspired by a dear friend named Johnny Walker, I found great comfort in what was written in his own Blog. If we can strengthen faith, comfort, or be an example to even one person then we will have succeeded just as he did!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Farewell

It was awesome. I thought my talk was for the benefit of others, but it ended up being more for me. I couldn't stop that powerful feeling from overtaking me. It felt really good, oh so good! If everyone would have felt as good as I did, then there would have been some serious edifying going on! My favorite part of my talk was my unplanned part which came after the story of the faithful brethren trekking miles on empty stomachs through jungle and streams. It made me want to be more committed and always do what's right.
So that night a paradigm shift occurred in my mind. I have always been selfish and seeking to do my will first and then that of the Lord's. Sometimes I will do service when I don't feel like it, but not too often. I was my own master, individual and independent. But that just won't suffice. If I want to be truly successful and attain all there is to have, I must submit my will to the Father's. It obviously won't be a night and day transformation, but I hope to get in the habit of always being ready to do what I am asked and doing it before or instead of what I would rather do.
The end is almost here! I won't see so many people for two or more years.... So God be with you 'til we meet again!

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